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Hello I'm Ollie! You can call me Oliver if you'd like, but it's a bit formal, no? Dickensian if you will. I'm an Actor, writer, and singer from Little Rock, Arkansas and now planted in the Big Apple. 

I started my acting journey in improvised comedy, dabbled in musical theater, then was formally educated in acting at Pace University. I have always been a singer and thoroughly enjoy bothering my neighbors with that fact. Sometimes I get texts from them and yes, it make me feel shame, but hey I sing on. Acting is something I found a little later in life. I have both feminine and masculine qualities that I use to create and deepen characters that I play. My androgynous looks allow me to play with the spectrum of gender and sexuality, which I do both in character and in life.

When I create my own work, I tend to write and perform comedy. I like funny little people with funny little voices, what can I say? Check out my most recent projects on the Media page, or click on More on the toolbar to watch "The Experts".  

Outside of acting I will almost certainly have an art project on the back burner. I like to create imaginary plants and animals. A bush made of eyeballs, a bird wearing high heels, that sort of thing. I also like portraiture, they make great gifts. People really eat up personalized paintings of their dog. I'm currently illustrating the images of a children's book I've written about birds and bullying. Click the Teal Chicken on the bottom right of this page to check out my art instagram and some of my art work!

If there are no further questions, I say we break for 15 and I'll see you back here refreshed, ready to rock and roll. 

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